How to Install the Latest Google Assistant on Your Telephone

In case you experience an Android apparatus, you will surely be interested in the latest upgrade to Google Assistant - the one that allows you to install it on your phone as a stand-alone application. At this time you'll have the ability to talk to your Assistant using just a single touch on its program icon. Of course, before you can do so, you needed to touch the microphone button on the Google search box widget, that is not actually quite convenient.

And with this latest variant, Google has added a much more convenient way of interacting with your Assistant. Simply visit the Google Assistant downloads page on Google Play and click on the"Downloads" tab on the top left corner. The Google Assistant APK file will probably be displayed. Simply click on it to start downloading the application.

In all honesty, many Android users may not even realize that they're actually downloading an actual app rather than a widget or even add-on. That is why you have to set up the app to get it working on your apparatus. After it is installed, simply begin the program by pressing the Home key. It will ask you to select your language in the menu drop-down menu.

If you have already installed the latest Google Assistant, you'll observe that it does not have an icon on your home screen. That's because it still requires you to install the program on your phone until it will work. To do so, just tap on"Settings" and then look for the choice to"USB Settings." Once the"USB Settings" page appears, scroll down until you discover the choice to add a driver.

Click on this option and find the USB driver in the list. When you have found it, tap the driver and then select the choice that says"Open" to bring up a driver dialogue box. Finally, choose the option to navigate the USB drivers that are installed on your phone and the program should be ready for you to use.

If you would like Article source to make certain that your device is ready, consider plugging in the device for your PC and then running the Google Assistant software. This is a good method to be certain the software is properly installed.


If you realize that you don't have some choices when it comes to installing the hottest Google Assistant, then you always have the option to search the Internet to get the ideal method for your device. If you're having issues with installing the program on your device, you can also consult the installation manual which was included with the program for more help.



With this application, you can find a few of the features of your favourite assistants, including the ability to answer simple queries and record voice memos. This new version of Google Assistant can make everyday life easier and enjoyable.