Five Nights At Candys - An Overview

Five nights at Candys is an FNaC match made by Emil Ace Mango, creator of all of the OCs"Candys the Cat","Candy the Boy","The Penguin", and many others! , Five nights at Candys employs all the OCs from the original OC packs to make a exceptional horror game! This game is not endorsed, sponsored or supported by any organization or company.

When you purchase Five nights in Candys, you are getting a complete game with a single player situation and a co-op situation. The co-op mode is performed against another person who owns a phone, and the participant can either be just like another person or the telephone owner. As for the game situation, it's up to you to decide how to play and you may either play it like the standard games in which you have to find clues so as to solve puzzles or you'll be able to play with the assistance of friends to obtain the answer to the puzzles. You can even play it like a scavenger hunt, which is great if you're having a party with your pals.

The basic rules of Five nights at Candys are pretty simple and easy to comprehend. The main rule is to use the cellphone's camera and upload your own images to solve the puzzles and also to solve the narrative. The photos must be at least 5 megabytes and in JPEG format. To get the best results, use a fivenightsatcandys digital camera or the camera on your phone which lets you upload to the net. But you cannot upload the photos from your cell phone or Blackberry.



The night's plot involves a house with several clues scattered all around the house and among them is the telephone that you can't find. It is possible to use the phone's GPS to find the phone's place and then follow the clues the clues let you to seek out the phone's location. The goal of the narrative is to find the phone's location before everyone else, and then escape the home until it is too late.


As stated before, the nighttime game has many things to offer you. For instance, if you want to find the telephone with the help of friends, you are able to play co-op style. And see whether you can solve the mystery together or if you're much better than the other players. In co-op mode, the first player and the phone operator will discuss the phone's location to assist each other locate the phone. However, it is necessary that you don't lose both mobiles.

As soon as you purchase Five nights at Candys, you'll have to install it to your telephone and then download the free match for your phone's memory. If you're having trouble locating the buttons, hunt for your"Settings" option and then go to"SD card". It will provide you with choices on what documents to load in the sport and how to access the menu.